Thank you for your interest in visiting our website. We expect you to apply for membership! We need young and intelligent people with whom to develop and offer help to those in need!

Encrypted Internet Connection

We will offer anyone the possibility to use a powerful free encrypted VPN connection.

Details about the project

We offer help for people and institutions

We raise children’s hope, make their parents happier and develop rural areas.


Digital development of Romania

In Romania there are about 11,236,186 Internet users (58% of the population).

Digital statistics

We want to offer, help, change. We want achievements!

Project „The First PC/Laptop”

Addressed especially to families who can not afford a PC/Laptop. Especially designed for rural areas but not only.

Project „The First Tablet”

Especially for families who can not afford a tablet. Especially designed for rural areas but not only.

Internet in rural areas

Digital development of rural areas by providing the necessary infrastructure for Internet connections.

Computer rooms

For schools and high schools - development and discovery of future talented IT professionals.

We have the power to bring the world closer, We can build things that unite us,
We will create a better future.