Yoga Nidra Benefits

Yoga Nidra Benefits

How does Yoga Nidra help us? A term that has been in use since ancient times, it is an easy way to describe a state where we are completely and totally relaxed, like falling off to sleep.

It is also known as yogic sleep, yoga nidra, yoga area, or kapalbhati. As one of the most simple yoga poses, Yoga Nidra creates peacefulness in both the practitioner and the observer. Its benefits include the following:

- How can yoga nidra help us? Practitioners of yoga nidra use a relaxed breathing method that allows them to maintain an even pressure in their diaphragm, allowing them to breathe in deeply without taking air in through their nose. The result is that the yogic practitioner remains relaxed and focused throughout the entire pose. The body and mind receive a complete dose of rejuvenation by letting go of all tensions. By maintaining a steady pressure in the diaphragm, the yogic practitioner will feel as if he or she is sleeping without any pressure on their chest, back, or neck. This results in the practitioner feeling as if they have reached their true potential. If done with the right techniques, it is possible to achieve total relaxation and focus in a single pose.

- What is Yoga Nidra like? Like many yoga poses, the first step of this practice consists of sitting down. Next, a person should lie down in a reclining position, which is similar to that of a bed, with one's knees slightly bent. After the body is fully reclined, one must inhale through the nose slowly and deeply and exhale through the mouth while keeping the air in the mouth. Next, one should stretch the legs gently along the floor, allowing the body to rise up into the air. A proper alignment of the body will be achieved when all the muscles of the body are stretched out to the sides. After the body has risen to the level of the ceiling, it should be allowed to remain there for a period of time to achieve a natural stretch that allows the muscles to relax in order to achieve total relaxation.

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